Retro Glam & Collegiate Charm: Two Looks for Fall

Author: Jackie Wile

There are two looks – Retro Glam and Collegiate Charm – that seem to be the benchmark of Fall trends from year to year. Slight variations like plaid, bubble skirts, short boots, high boots, colored tights, black tights and the like only enhance those basic looks.Here’s what to look for when you shop for a retro glam or collegiate charm look:To dress retro glam, don’t be afraid to wear vintage cuts in new and unexpected ways. If a print is a little too old-fashioned for you, have the dress, skirt or blouse altered into a more modern shape. On the other hand, if the cut of the item is very vintage, pair it with modern accessories to avoid a costumed appearance.Jewelry is key to a retro glam look. A little goes a long way, and try mix up what you wear so as not to appear straight out of Grease, for example. Pearls would be too much with this outfit, so I paired the retro-fitting dress with a long, rock-and-roll chain necklace.When it comes to retro glam, the bigger the sunglasses, the better.Here’s what to look for in shoes: a chunkier heel (no stilettos), buckles, round-toes, vintage (gold, red, etc.) or muted colors, mary-jane styles or classic peep-toe pumps.A scarf completes the retro glam outfit. Tie it loosely, or with a more retro-flair by flipping one end over your shoulder.For a bit of authentic ladylike coordination, use a clutch instead of your huge, leather tote.A 50’s/60’s style jacket finishes off the outfit. A bit of boxiness is a must. Look for large buttons or a peter pan collar. With longer dresses/skirts, try a cropped jacket. If you’re wearing something shorter on the bottom, then make sure your coat falls slightly above your hemline, but not too far.Like what you are reading? Then, here are some tips for your next fall shopping spree:Start off with an interesting blouse. It can be longer, like a tunic, or a bit shorter. Ruffles are preferred, but not required. A print is good also, but a solid color is easier to coordinate the accessories with.Every collegiate girl worth her salt knows that some plastic-framed reading glasses add a bit of quirky charm.A few bright-colored items in a coordinating color family add some conversation pieces to the entire outfit. See how well the colored pants, bracelet and blue cardigan look together? The yellow on this bracelet is a bright color, yes, but is also surprisingly neutral.A long, grandpa-style cardigan worn over the blouse helps keep you warm, but that’s not the real reason I included it. Skinny jeans are tricky to proportion: if your top is too short, you end up looking very “hippy,” or bottom-heavy, without balance on your upper-half. Use a longer cardigan to correct that and balance out your collegiate charm look.A big, leather tote bag serves two purposes: one, it has that collegiate – and somewhat scholarly – look we are aiming towards without seeming like a briefcase. And the second reason is that the bag adds a good neutral base for the entire outfit. Interesting, comfortable shoes with a slight heel to accentuate the skinny pants: these are exactly what I’m talking about. An outfit with a bit of quirk would not be complete without a standout piece of jewelry, like this snake bracelet. Skinny pants with color, instead of the classic denim washes, are fun and easier to wear than you might think.Interested in seeing some great samples of retro glam & collegiate charm? Check out my personal Stylefeed at For a full version of this article, with images, check out

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Serie....Clothes:Made by me
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Lighted clothing and fashion including holographic and electronic displays have been around awhile. The  newest version utilizing LED technology allows for a cleaner refined design of lighted clothing that may eventually lead to practical applications bedsides the obvious glam factor. If taken to a new plateau lighted clothing could assist in numerous way s inducing safety,night vision function or environmental study. Granted it is pretty rare for fashion to leap off the catwalk to backpacking, but lighting is about as basic as it comes.

1970’s Fashion Overview

Author: Ann Barrago

Fashions in the 1970’s were far more relaxed than those in the 1960’s before, many emerging design showed signs of nostalgia with designers taking influence from previous decades. Laura Ashley was noted as being heavily influenced by Edwardian style dresses and prints. Barbara Hulanicki’s Biba label produced a 20’s/30’s influenced look with long cotton skirts, long sleeved shirts or smock and a floppy brimmed hat. The use of 30’s inspired colourings, the two tone black and cream or brown and cream, could be seen in shoes and ‘office work wear’ styles.
By looking back the fashion designers were still continuing the new fashion trends for the new ideas, ideologies and social freedoms that were sought for both men and women.
Distinct fashion styles for certain youth groups became apparent again through this decade in the attempt of identification of the differing subcultures. Several mainstream trends came and went such as the glam fashion (David Bowie inspired) and disco fashion. (John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever 1977) The hippie/ethnic fashion trends of flared jeans, tie die shirts, peasant blouses, hair-bands and sandals continued from the sixties. More influence from other cultures became incorporated as social awareness of social and environmental issues increased.
In the early seventies the short skirts and ‘hot pants’ launched by Mary Quant in the 60’s were still very popular, dresses however were available for all in three established lengths, the mini (as the mini skirt), the midi (calf length) and the maxi (ankles). Long flowing ‘boho’ skirts and the inspired hippie styles were very popular.
Footwear started to become more exotic with the platform shoes that appeared in the early seventies, their huge soles of several inches thickness for mainly women and some men! Health warnings accompanied this fashion about potential damage to your back, although you do not hear many people saying they injured their back in the 70’s wearing platform shoes!
Men’s clothing continued on the brighter flamboyant note from the previous decade. Flared denim jeans, once a symbol of manual work and now a fashion statement, along with a cheesecloth shirt is perhaps the most common image associated with men from the 70’s. However the glitter, heels, bright colours and disco-wear was available for all genders as the trends passed through.Lapels on all shirts and jackets grew in size and the kipper tie appeared to be necessary for the smarter male outfit. Longer hair and beards were considered very fashionable for men, the hippie and psychedelic influences were still in the fashion statements although the pop music had started to move on.
By the end of the seventies it was socially acceptable for most people to wear jeans and mostly flared jeans at that. Printed T-shirts became very popular in this decade along with trainers and canvas shoes. The inspiration and ideals behind the hippie styles from the late 60’s were not as apparent in society but the fashions stayed.
Then Punk Fashion emerged onto the scene with the original Punk band, The Sex Pistols. The legendary Vivien Westwood was the partner of The Sex Pistols’ promoter, Malcolm McLaren, and is credited with creating the original Punk look.
This look was based around black leather, ripped denim and slogans on T-shirts intended to provoke and insult people who thought along what was considered mainstream ideals. The punk message was ‘destroy’. This destruction was of anything considered as mainstream good taste. Spiked hair dyed bright colours and second hand clothes ripped to shreds to demonstrate a rejection of the accepted fashions and ideals. The punk trend continued well into the 1980’s.

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Fashion Preview Over the 90s

David Bowie in the early 1970s
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Author: ebet sanders

You might have seen her with Mick Jagger on some occasions? She is also the hostess of Project Runway and Germany’s Next Topmodel, and is known for her modeling work with Victoria’s Secret. Target and the designer, who’s as famous for his fashions as his celebrity status, announced last month that they’re ending their five-year relationship, though the Isaac Mizrahi for Target collection will continue to be available through the end of this year. Beyonce Knowles is an American R&B singer-songwriter, record producer, music video director, actress, dancer, and fashion designer. Eco fashion is clothes that are made by environmentally fabrics. These days you can pick styles in classic and thehottest trends, constructed of leather or man-made materials. A 55-year-old Swedish man believes that top US fashion designer Marc Jacobs stole his dad’ts scarf design. The sky’s the limitfor the type you prefer!

H&M have designed a collection to remind us all of theterrible descise that takes many peoples life every year. Couples have begun redesigning their wedding rings, because. This is what Corky & Company calls total quality management; quality of design, development, production, delivery and salability. The Academy’s red carpet is without doubt the planet’s biggest fashion event and an A-lister wearing a designer dress can generate millions of pounds’ worth of free publicity.

Victoria Caroline Beckham (n e Adams; born 17 April 1974) is an English pop singer, songwriter (spice girls), dancer, turned fashion designer, author, businesswoman, and occasional actress. Twelve designers were asked to submit sketches of a wedding dress for first daughter Jenna Bush’s upcoming May nuptials.

Back in 2006 the stylist to stars from Jennifer Lopez to Sharon Stone launched her first collection. The pants are called “Sex Bomb” by their designer. Based on these photos we’re fairly certain some designers only design for other designers or for populations based on others planets, such as Uranus. A long fake beard flows down from the briefs, between the model’s own hairy legs.

At present, bootsare made for more than just winter wear or foot protection. Delhi Court on Friday convicted politician and one time Dawood aide Romesh Sharma for hatching a conspiracy to murder a fashion designer Kunjum Budhiraja. Beside Armani’s celebrity summoning to form a fusion of entertainment and fashion catwalk, this slim silhouette caught our attention.

It’s time once again for the Spring Fashion Show in Europe and more proof designers not so secretly hate women. VIDEO Christian Audigier, designer of Ed Hardy tattoo wear, held a fashion show at Project. The walk is certainly a walk for fame, fortunately for aspirants but sometimes leading to a walk for shame.

Jodie Kidd, Kelly Osbourne and Lily Allen were among the attentive crowd that warmly welcomed veteran designer Vivienne Westwood to London Fashion Week after a nine-year absence.

Spring fever is in the air and what a great way to celebrate with your best friend in designer dog clothes and accessories! His work for Dior Homme has made him a big star in the fashion world. The sleek designed LG6000 LCD HDTV series is the new flagship of cutting edge TVs by LG and will convince your fashion sense with its unique feature: the red-coloured back with a round LED light aperture which give. At this time, they often had a large brims and prominent acce. This might be a perfect example of how you can make art, fashion- and product design walk hand in hand! Fashion week is an event in the fashion industry that lasts about a week during which many fedgling and well-known fashion designers showcase their newest collections. Made from bronze metallic napa leather, this Valentino bag reminds us of the ultra-glam fashion from the speakeasy era and only VALENTINO could make it okay to have this much glitz in one’s everday purse. These hot dog clothes are selling out fast so, shop early for best selections! The fashion show was DJed by Lil Jon and had a special guest performance by Snoop Dogg. Design Bobby Fashion Magazine: barbie games, Would you like to make your own magazine?

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Fancy dress and 70s glam rock

Author: Joe Denver

Noddy Holder was the lead singer with Slade and had an instantly recognizable wardrobe. He wore bold checks, slinky shirts, and tall hats.  This makes for a great fancy dress costume.   The Noddy Holder fancy dress outfit includes a pair of flared trousers, a matching waistcoat and a 70s shirt.  The shirt is shiny with puffed sleeves that were typical of the 70s.  The Noddy Holder tall hat is included. You can buy some great extras to go with your costume including silver platform shoes and a glitzy microphone.  Borrow a guitar from one of your friends, buy the inflatable guitar to go with the outfit or scour the children’s shops to find a toy one.  Most children’s retailers have a good selection of toy guitars that are good value.  Add a long curly wig to wear under the hat and your fancy dress outfit is complete. Slade were popular and gave us one of the best Xmas songs of all time ‘Merry Xmas everybody’. You either love it or hate it but you can’t help humming or singing along to it at Xmas time! Rock and pop music in the 70s were varied and gives you a host of styles to choose from for your fancy dress costume.  The 70s gave us Glam Rock with its vivid colours, bold make-up and a range of materials.  You can find something that will suit you from this category.  If you don’t care for the Abba clothes then maybe David Bowie is more your style with his glam outfits and face and body make-up. The Sweet , T-rex, and Wizzard are all great examples of Glam Rock and had wonderful costumes to dress up in.  Find someone who lived in this era and ask if they kept any of their 1970s clothes.  You may even know someone who has a wardrobe full of old 1970’s clothes that you can wear for fancy dress.

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