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Lady Gaga is the epitome of glam rock to the current youth, but how much of what she does is “lifted from the past” In the 2010 Grammy Honors as well as costumes designed for her Monster Ball tour the look borrows heavily from 1970s glam to 1980s new romantic. From Jobriath and David Bowie to Grace Jones and Sigue Sigue Sputnik , indeed Lady Gaga has got it covered. Lady Gaga is to a great deal re-hashing old concepts with her songs in addition to art and fashion she has become aware of either by proxy or simply searching the term “glam rock” That doesn’t imply that re-synthesizing these things is a pure definition of the terminology “ripped off’ from other glam rock artist. But to take Jobriath as an example. Jobriath was booked to complete in the Paris Opera House in, France. The Opera House, where he would have been to perform probably the most audacious rock and roll stunts of a decade or indeed all of glam rock history. Dressed as King Kong, he would climb a replica from the Empire State Construction, limited to the skyscraper becoming a gigantic spurting penis that might ejaculate Jobriath on a piano. He would land beautifully, slough off his King Kong costume outfit and present itself as Marlene Dietrich.  Jobriath would have been a glam-rock performer, songwriter, not to mention singer and dancer who taped only two unsuccessful records (now on CD courtesy of Morrisey). Historians consider him the initial openly gay rock musician. Once part of the first NYC run of the hippie musical “Hair”, Jobriath then migrated to The big apple, where he recorded one album (1969) while playing keyboards in the progressive rock group Pidgeon .The record went down the drain and Jobriath left to pursue a solo career. Jobriath outfits can be seen on Lady Gaga regularly, all you need to do is type in “Jobriath” on YouTube to get a good idea where she “gets inspiration” On the music side of things, Lady Gaga keeps it “lightweight” for the pop charts.



While glam rock and roll records by T. Rex , its leader Marc Bolan , Gary Glitter and The Glitter Band , Slade and The Sweet were designed for the pop charts, Lady Gaga takes this basic premise into her work. Obviously updated several decades to appeal to an electronic dance generation, the song is still the same. Disposable not to mention attractive fun music for the masses.  At one time glam rock also stood a more severe cosmetic appraisal, as shown by artists and bands like Iggy Pop, Cockney Rebel, David Bowie, Mott the Hoople, Jobriath, David Werner and Roxy Music. They showed a far more progressive hard rock or art rock music side. Experimentation not to mention generating new concept albums delving into themes from apocalyptic visions to tragedy and personal turmoil.


Musically, glam rock and glamorous rock and roll stars used catchy tunes and additionally whatever attire to get attention with along with oft-outrageous lyrical themes like science fiction, futurism, clever attitude, hedonism and adolescent emerging trend (as evident in most Marc Bolan records and additionally commercial bands “dressed as glam rock”. Visually, glam rock performers were much more extravagant and additionally almost aesthetically trashy ? they clothed themselves up in glittery, outlandish, androgynous attires in addition to make-up, intentionally not to mention provocatively messing around with male or female conventions.


At that time, a lot more sequined costumes as well as some feather boas have been on display, but there were hardly any breathtaking challengers for the most powerful costume. The sharp satin two-piece suits Bolan favored as well as Japanese custom Yohji Yamamoto’s space-age garments, of which Bowie wore on “The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust & The Spiders From Mars” existed artwork. The new glam based music varied (from your suede head stomp of Slade out to the art rock of Roxy Music or Queen’s musically adept light metallic sound. Now it is all for sale, there are no beneficent glam rock bands or stars capable of producing the melodrama or melodically challenging sounds of say “Life on Mars” or “Changes”. Now we have Lady Gaga, a big sound, a big stage show, a big hit, but still, no cigar.

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