Now who was that antisemitic glam fashion designer who blew his gig last month? Ahh what was his name? I just cannot remember for the life of me.  Ah well the point is,  anyone who has any vague sense of glam rock history knows one Marc Bolan (Jewish) to be a prime mover of timeless cool and musical style. This designer seemed to be stuck in the “buffalo girl” phase of 1980s couture.  This cult was almost single handedly invented by one Malcolm Mclaren (Jewish) who also managed to bring about punk rock a few years before. So this designer even had a Charlie Chaplin theme at one of his showings……..Is the dumbing down of the planet now hitting men in funny dresses, who should really know better???


David Bowie








Glam Doll Makeup Look

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Glam Doll Makeup Look  Doll inspired make-up has always helped create a very feminine, innocent and attractive look, a look which suits every single woman no matter her complexion. Find out how you can look just like a sweetheart using make-up.  There are a variety of ways make-up can be applied and the results are all different, but one of the hottest and most appreciated make-up styles is the doll inspired make-up. This type of make-up is very feminine and helps create a very attractive and girly look. Doll inspired make-up styles do not keep track of age, the style can be toned down to suit teenagers as well as middle aged women. The softness created by this type of make-up helps bring a touch of innocence and sensuality to a woman’s appearance, combo which is a must for everyone who wants to look and feel youthful. Because of the warm toned colors used the doll make-up style will be very popular this spring/summer season. The warmth of the season matches perfectly with the make-up style, creating a one of a kind lovely look. To create this lovely and sweet looking make-up one must make sure to learn how to properly apply make-up according to their face shape as well as what types of colors are right for their complexion. To make it easier to create your doll look using make-up make sure you: exfoliate using a gentle facial scrub before you start the make-up application process. This will ensure your dead skin cells are removed and the make-up will be able to be uniformly and perfectly applied apply a concealer to cover up any blemishes on your skin. Concealers can come in several colors to deal best with all skin problems. Apply a make-up base if you wish to ensure the make-up can be easily applied apply a foundation that matches your skin type as well as your skin tone to make sure you look as natural and flawless as possible    set the make-up using a translucent powder. This will also ensure your skin a matte finish and a shine free complexion apply a little bit more powder under your eyes to make sure your foundation is not ruined when you apply your eyeshadow if you use powdered eyeshadow. Choose whatever type of eyeshadow that works for you in warm shimmery tones like soft pink, soft green, gold, peach, etc apply the eyeshadow according to the shape of your eyes so you will enhance them at their fullest. Apply a dark eyeliner for an evening look and white eyeliner on the waterline to create bigger and brighter eyes for day wear apply a lighter color shimmery eyeshadow on the inside corners of your eyes and your brow bone to attract more attention towards the eyes    contour your eyebrows because they play an important role in the overall look of a person so make sure they are well groomed and contoured using make-up apply a rose or red colored blush to add more definition to your cheeks curl your eyelashes using a lash curler and apply two coats of make-up. You can create a more glamorous look if you wish by applying false eyelashes finish using a red or pink toned lipstick, top it with a sheer lip gloss and you will look as sweet as candy Choose this type of make-up and match it with a girly outfit so you can look fabulous. This lovely trends will enhance your femininity and style, so go ahead and experiment with your favorite eyeshadow colors.

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The pandemic fad to look feel and dream like Lady Gaga has hit the teenage world like a storm. This makeup video showing you how to do the Gaga has over seven million views. Other parodies and silliness still get five million views. Why not get on the bandwagon with yer glam self!


New Bowie Music?

In the freezing confines  snowed in  Berlin ( actually its rather pleasant) David Bowie is coining in on the Tony Visconti collaborations once more. Shades of low,heroes and lodger(my fave) hang in the balance as David tries once more to   venture underground. Berlin is the new bohemian epicenter mainly good some bad (all the young Americans and Brits mostly) We ban only hope that Bowie (post heart attack) has something very real to say again.BTW if you get a chance see “Just a Gigolo” filmed in Berlin circa heroes, an amusing flick and he plays a decent role of coarse looking great…

Berlin see you in the summer


Ice skating glam rock star Johnny Weir has come under fire for his  image (kinda IAMX!) and is shooting back. We of coarse think he looks freekin cool and sorry to all those living in the dark ages that are too scared to see the talent,courage and coolness in this entertaining new star*.

Keep an eye out for his fashion line soon to emerge which we will feature!

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