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Glam Rock Cultural Identity and Blending In

Glam rock music is a important genre involved with the inception of  punk rock, new wave music and Rock & Roll that developed mainly in Britain during the course of the Seventies. Glam rock and roll is a style of  rock music and fashion that was helped by Hollywood glamor, with a healthy dose of influence from such films as “A Clockwork Orange” and “2001 A Space Odyssey” As far as the music itself went, glam rock music was the popular alternative to the nascent progressive rock music and the pervading folk rock or easy listening music of the age. With new music that evoked the kind of good old fashioned rock music ‘n’ roll of the 1950s or 60s with controversial imagery, fashions, styles and themes.  A great deal of glam rock bands combined aspects of  rock and roll with science fiction, Hollywood sophisticated style, 1950s rock meets sci-fi (Roxy Music) and bisexuality attitude.

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Glam rock succeeded in devouring many post hippie fashions as well as music, attitude and teenage rebellion. Plus a host of other outdated styles, clothes, trends  were amalgamated into a brand new musical sphere. What definitely separates glam rock and its fashions was its focus on image. This was an age outlandish clothing and theatrical on-stage antics, often highly controversial.  What resulted was the most flamboyant chapters in rock music history. Glam rock is  still cited today within the music and fashins of younger bands such as IAMX, Meadow Zero and new David Bowie clones like Stiv Lestar. One of glam rock’s strongest elements was androgyny. Glam rock fashion was adopted within soul music, rock music, experimental music and in fact almost any genre of 70s rock and roll.

Glam rock music made famous by acts like David Bowie , Cockney Rebel , Marc Bolan and T. Rex, Jobriath, David Werner, Plod, Alice Cooper , Mott  the Hoople, Slade , Gary Glitter , Queen and The Sweet.  Glam rock fans or glitter rock fans and musicians and singers distinguished themselves from the prevailing earth shoe clad hippies. With science fiction alien arrival mythology along with Hollywood glamor and bisexual empowered attitudes and fashions all this was regarded as outrageous through the press. The music was characterized by spacy druggy ballads to fast paced high-energy rock n‘ roll which would soon enough spark the flames for punk rock.

As mentioned above, glam rock music was mostly popular in the UK Britain, where the genre was put into several categories. For the artistically-inclined listener there was the art rock of David Bowie in his Ziggy Stardust alien persona, the outrageous operatic art rock music of Freddie Mercury and Queen,along with the musicianship of bands like Cockney Rebel and Roxy Music. Worshiped by teenagers were the commercial pop rock acts like T. Rex, Gary Glitter, Mott the Hoople and Steve Harley. Finally, there have been harder rocking groups like Slade and Sweet , whose fusion of pop-melodies with loud guitars and drums would have show to be a significant influence on glam rock hair metal bands of the sunset strip a decade later.

Just as glam rock music often seemed like it was trying to evoke rock’s rebellious attitude, the fashion and dynamic acts aimed to wear make up in over-the-top fashions in total Hollywood grandeur. Even though never really directly associated glam rock music leaves its mark on music both then and after this and so on its image fashions and attitude toward sexuality. Its influence surpasses just rock and roll and chipped away barriers simultaneously musically and culturally.

Performing Glam Rock music stars explored gender and theatricality in popular music , the thought of rock music as theater didn’t appear until David Bowie brought out his alien alter-ego band Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Mars in the early 1970s. To embellish the theatrical atmosphere, Bowie frequented costume changes along with stage props and influences from traditional Broadway staging and also mime performances. Alternative rock music would be inspired relatively by glam, especially in the UK. In the 1990s, Britpop introduced glam rock music, with groups like  Slade, Blur, Menswear  using bands like Mott the Hoople as primary factors in clothes and attitude. Placebo , Suede , Manic Street Preachers and a plethora of “New Romantic” “Romo” and post new romantic influences continue heavily even today with acts like Lady Gaga Modern pop rock also mirrors lots of the same techniques as the sound of seventies glam. Pop rock music rarely specializes in the instrumental section of the music and instead about the singer’s vocals. Modern rock music and soul also has an ambiance much like the sunshine pop music atmosphere of glam rock and roll bands like T.Rex and Slade. Many of those bands also have put into practice a cleaner, more put-together image than other genres of heavier rock and roll.

At the same time, more sequined outfits and many feather boas were presented, but there was extremely little sensational contenders for the most powerful costume. The roguish Beau Brummel outfits Marc Bolan favored and  The Ziggy Stardust Japanese designer Yohji Yamamoto’s space-age outfits, which David Bowie championed, were living art as glam rock is defined. Was street fashion and subsequent emerging sexual revolution a significant part of glam rock music’s success? The music was so varied from the football chant metal sound of Slade on the art rock leanings Cockney Rebel and Roxy Music to Queen’s opera tinged musical forays. Oh how the glittering glam rock fashions good or bad are an enduring legacy in the world of music, fashions, style and culture.

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