The Strange case of Jim Morrison “when your strange”

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The new documentary film about the Doors “When your Strange” featuring ” I always wanted to be a rock star” Johnny Depp narrating the quicker than starburst life of Jim Morrison. To say that Morrison was not ‘glam” would be a misnomer,his style deeply influenced by the mascara wearing Elvis Presley, Jim nixed the eyeliner but grabbed the black leather for dear life. This is not even a pun Morrison in the whole film (if you watch and listen) betray a lonely insecure soul strapped to the beast of “The lizard king”  Jim Morrison looks to be a severe candidate for some sort of unthinkable childhood trauma. from the tell tale line in “father I want to Kill you, mother I want….

This is not just some jerkoff trying to be weird, Jimbo is the real deal, too terrified to be weak (his fathers accusations aside)  and sooner die than to “give you control” persona. I have known the type myself personally and yes he is also dead. Jim seemed to be contemptuous of the times and might be the main reason the Doors never sound old. It turns out he was somewhat insecure about his singing and was more enamored with the classic singers Elvis and Sinatra than any Bob Dylan wannabes.The fact that Morrison went nuts in Miami (Oh could that have possibly anything to do with his parents living there??) In Miami Jim screams with rage, the combination of his anger and then sexual posturing is bizarre only to the untrained eye…This one is for the folks, it does not take a rocket scientist to proceed from Morrison’s Dad (Navy guy dwelling on a ship) to Jim’s unspeakable anger. Sexually molested? Morrison is too busy drowning the past to “get high” with the times or confide.   The aftermath is of course his (after all) incredible voice and amazingly twisted yet accessible Doors songs. Had Morrison found a mentor in say Sinatra (how impossible yet cool is that) he may have passed some traps of his own demons and lived to create further. The meteoric rise of the Doors (just a few gigs and they were signed) along with the first song written “Light my Fire” straight to number 1. The insane pressure along with Morrison all the while hiding behind this “lizard thing” was a sham embellished by too many people “turning on man”  Jim Morrison went on to influence several  new waves of music most notable from the glam era Iggy Pop. But not limited to hoards of imitators who along with the attitude never got the voice right. The Doors and Jim have long been hailed (bland worship  by Oliver Stone) as the premiere American rock band and will remain historic music but in truth Jim Morrison ‘s life flags a huge question mark and the answers look as dark and deadly as the very tones of poem he sang.


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