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Martin Newell and the Mighty Plod should have been on par with say Bebop Deluxe as a 70s hit-maker. The song “Neo City” attests to Martin Newell’s voice as a cool glam rock vocalist. The instrumentation is leaning toward rock & roll meets jazz chords. The Might Plod could have, should have made it in the wild eyed days of glitter rock stars. What happened? A series of rejection notices from all the top record companies tells little. Maybe its the name? You know it would not be the first time an A&R person ditched a band over the name, and lets face it “The Mighty Plod” is pretty bad!

the mighty plod


The thing is compared to say, The Sweet, Slade and other glam rock icons of Britain Plod comes across as a cooler, better band. Martin’s later writing skills prove that he was an artist well worth signing. His style is a Paul McCartney meets “Hunky Dory” era David Bowie softer British sound. His subsequent albums “Greatest Living Englishman” attain an almost classic pastoral pop sound with an edge. Had the might plod succeeded in getting a record deal in the 1970s I think we all could have benefited from a band worthy of such. Check into “ This Little Ziggy” Martin Newell’s comic tell all book about growing up as a glam rocker in rural UK circa 1970s.

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